Black Metallurgy Institute certified management system with qualities according to requirements of ISO 9001:2008 set by certificators RW TUV NORD Germany. Certificate PDF

Black Metallurgy Institute, that is, its labs are accredited by the Accreditation body of Montenegro according to MEST EN ISO IEC 17025:2011 standards, general requirements for competency of examination laboratories and calibration laboratories.  Accreditation  PDF



Resolution No. 170-103/15-3 from 18.01.2016 for performing professional work when it comes to protection and healt at work issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.

Resolution No. 04-920/06-6 from 25.05.2006 for performing professional work of measuring the level of external radiation and contamination level of metallic and non-metallic materials for general use, issued by the Ministry of Sustainable Development.

Resolution No. 15-2156/3-2000 from 05.01.2001 regarding the fulfillment of terms for examination of materials and imported goods in the field of electro energetic and termo energetic systems and black metallurgy issued by the Montengrin Ministry of Economy.

Resolution No. 15-3861/3 od 25.12.2000 regarding performing servicing of pressure vessels and controling and adjusting safety valves so as the making of appropriate technical documentation issued by the Ministry of Economy.

Resolution No. 12-2680/2 from 29.10.1997 for examination of metals with destruction and non destruction methods issued by the Ministry of Economy.