Black Metallurgy Institute was formed in 1974. for purposes of scientific research and technological development of Željezara (Steel Mill) and education as part of Faculty of Metallurgy and Technology.

Black Metallurgy Institute is a joint-stock company and licensed scientific research facility, which deals with research and development in technical sciences field, laboratory and field tests and comprehensive characterization of metallic and non-metallic materials, process equipment and production of special steels and alloys in form of casting and semi-finished products intended for further processing by forging and rolling.

Special testings of physical and chemical conditions and characterization of materials and process equipment are being done in the Institute in form of expertise, arbitration and expert reports.

Institute did over 300 research papers and development projects in the field of metallurgy, energy efficiency and environmental protection for the needs of its founders and its own development. Annualy they do many expertise projects in fields of steel industry, mining, energetics, construction, chemical and aluminium industries, for the needs of companies based in Montenegro and the region.

Institute employs many renowned experts with highest ranks when it comes to their area of expertise.

Institute has the Quality Management System Certificate according to the standards of ISO 9001:2008 , and the Laboratory Research Accreditation Certificate according to the standards of MEST EN ISO/ IEC 17025:2011.